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How I will introduce players to the d20 Modern system.



Name: First, middle if you feel like it, and preferably last; also nickname(s) if you want
Gender: Male, female, Chardonnay, etc.
Age: Must be 15 or older
Level: X Class
Occupation: [Starting] More specific – only one gets the benefits but you can have a whole job history for your character here if you want. It would make more sense though to pick the Starting Occupation as your character’s current occupation, or if they have the skills from that but just got fired or something, have just one other occupation listed.
Wealth: 2d4 + occupation bonus + 1 for 1-4 ranks in Profession + Windfall
Languages: English, you have to buy any others (separate purchase for speaking & writing)


STR: ()
DEX: ()
CON: ()
INT: ()
WIS: ()
CHA: ()

Hit Die: d
Hit Points: [HD + CON] + [Level d HD + CON]
Defense: Class table + 10 + DEX

Speed: 30 ft. (unless you take a feat)
Initiative: DEX

Fortitude: Class table + CON
Reflex: Class table + DEX
Will: Class table + WIS

Base Attack Bonus: Class table
Melee Attack: BAB + STR
Ranged Attack: BAB + DEX

Class Skills: Class table
Class Skills [Profession]: Choose from Occupation list
Skill Points: Class info tells you how to calculate, different multiplier and modifier for each class

Talents: [Tree] Talents Selected (1 every odd level)
Feats: 2 + bonus feats every even level + 1 every 3 levels
Action Points: 5 + 1/2 character level


This is where you put your items list. It can be something really simple, like just a list of the names of the item you took, or it can be an elaborate table or other such stuff. You can include pictures of your items too, if you wanted. Go as overboard as you want, but please, upload the pictures to some other site like Photobucket, because I have a lot of NPC portraits already saved on this game’s account.


Height: If you choose to fill these out, I suggest you use a BMI calculator
Weight: like the really neat one here:
Basic Description: Hair, eyes, body build, type of dress, all the really generic stuff
Distinctions: Anything distinctive about their appearance, like if they dye their hair pink or always wear a polka-dot scarf or have a scar on their cheek


Strengths: Three or more positive personality traits
Weaknesses: Three or more negative personality traits
Allegiances: Pick 3 to start, I’ll talk more about these
Goals: What your character wants from life
Fears: Pretty straightforward


Important Past Events: Anything that happened in the past that you think is important to this game/your character’s development. This will be understood as player and not character knowledge until your character talks about it (if they ever do).
Current Living Situation: Type of housing and who they live with
Reputation: Class table + possibly Occupation + talk to me if you think it should change


This is where you can flesh out your character’s backstory. Make it as detailed or as not detailed as you want. The Important Past Events section is just there for the bare minimum of things; you don’t even have to put anything here if you think that section’s enough. This is really just a feature of Obsidian Portal that you might as well take advantage of if you feel like it.

If you take any strange items that require explanation (I will talk to you about this when you buy your items), please put the reason why you have them here. It can be just a tiny sentence of ‘he likes boats’ or it can be a long elaborate sob story about how her great grandfather died saving some medieval relic from a museum that was about to be burned or blown up and how it’s now passed down in her family and that’s why she just has to have a crossbow. (but it better be a dang good story if you want a crossbow…)

You can also put pictures of your character here! As many as you want! Fill this whole box with those if you’d like (other than your items list)! Again, please host them somewhere else…I’ll even make a Photobucket for the game if you need one that badly (I’d rather not but if you request it I will), I just need them to not be uploaded directly to this game’s OP, thanks! (Also, the source would be nice, just something as simple as ‘DollDivine’ (if it isn’t stamped on the bottom of the doll) or a link to the dA artist’s account or whatever else is applicable unless you drew it yourself in which case I will be forever impressed with you)

Bob Example

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