Fifty years in the future isn’t as long as people think. The U.S. government has gotten steadily more tyrannical, and now functions more like an oligarchy under the name of a democracy. There are some things that people still try to fight against, but most people just go with the flow, because the government hasn’t implemented anything that alters the path of the good old American way of life. After so many decades of roaring progress in technology, we finally slowed down. Sure, the Internet is getting gradually faster and personal electronics thinner, but at a much slower rate than what’s been going on for the past several years. Apple has even partnered with Crayola to produce iPods in every color known to man, just to keep people buying. However, under everyone’s noses, a new technological goldmine has slowly been growing: cybernetics. The field grew as prosthetic became more and more lifelike. It catered exclusively to the very rich and powerful, and since they all wanted the cybernetics to be as realistic as possible, they went unnoticed by the public for a while as the technology progressed. One President, however, brought cybernetics into the mind of the people with his prosthetic finger. Nobody could quite figure out which finger it was, but it was well-known that one indeed was actually robotic. Since the technology is still too expensive even for celebrities, the cybernetics craze has yet to begin.

A Work In Progress